The Crown Goa in association with Jolene Blanche presents Swimming Classes & Water Aerobics for Children & Adults.

Jolene Blanche, a professional swimming coach, has had an impressive track record as a national level swimmer with over 14years of coaching experience and is trained by the Indian Navy in life saving techniques.
Qualified as a coach to teach all four strokes of Swimming, including butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Jolene is a wonder with kids. Her coaching style is relaxed and fun, making her sessions enjoyable and helps build confidence in kids and adults alike.

B&B Sunday


Biryani is an evergreen classic that really needs no introduction. The Crown Goa offers so much on its culinary platter but the one dish all guest  unanimously love indulging in is the mouth-watering biryani. With local and hyperlocal variations having evolved into distinctive styles of biryanis, one is spoilt for options when it comes to experiencing this melting pot of flavours.

A complete meal in itself, The Crown biryani has enough varieties to please one and all. This is also a dish that suits all occasions – whether it is a Sunday lunch, a boisterous college get-together. Eaten with love and gusto by the rich as well as poor, biryani is indeed a marvel of India’s culinary heritage.

So if you are a die-hard fan of this delicious dish, take things up a notch and tease your taste buds a little more with the story of what makes biryani so extraordinary. The Crown Goa welcomes you to join our B & B Sunday festival starting from 15th September 2019.